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Training for Therapists and Allied Professionals

This training is designed for those of you who have identified a personal need to gain a working knowledge of Gestalt concepts and desire an ability to see others in a new and more complete way.

Through this training, you will acquire better insight and enhance your professional skills, which will be applicable in either your present or a future work setting.  Individuals who are in personnel, career counseling, social work, teaching, or nursing will benefit from this experience.  In fact, anyone who comes into contact with individuals needing to make decisions, or struggling with changes in his or her personal or work life, or wishing to shed self-defeating patterns of behavior, will find this knowledge invaluable.

With your own active participation in this safe setting, you will not only acquire skills that will allow you to use yourself creatively in working with others, but also experience the excitement of your own growth.  Further, the experience will deepen your understanding of and strengthen your impact on the people with whom you work.  With heightened complexity in relationships, both personal and in the work environment, this understanding is essential to the effectiveness of those in the fields of human resources or counseling

Gestalt therapy is unique: rich, creative, gentle and alive.  In many cases it can accelerate treatment.  With today’s emphasis on brief treatment, the efficiency of Gestalt interventions make it an ideal modality to add to your repertoire.

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